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Celebrating Customer Service success

This week is National Customer Service Week and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

We’ve always championed the importance of customer service, it’s even one of our organisational values, so highlighting the hard work of our Customer Service team and how much they care about our valued customers is really important to us. Our Customer Service team have been on an improvement journey over the last few months and have big plans for the year ahead to deliver against our vision of ‘Commitment to Customer Excellence.’

Listening to and acting on customer feedback is a huge part of our work here at NCFE to ensure that we deliver the best possible service to our centres and learners. We have an active Customer Experience working group with representatives from across the business to ensure that we engage with our customers to not only provide the services they want, but to far exceed their expectations. The group meet on a regular basis to review data from our customer satisfaction surveys to understand issues that are affecting our customers, and to work together to develop action plans, pulling in experience and resources from their area to come up with effective and efficient solutions.

Mandy Rickman, one of the group’s representatives, works within the External Quality Assurance team who are responsible for the quality assurance of all internally assessed qualifications. She said:

“Providing excellent up-front support and initial advice and guidance to our customers is vital to ensure their needs and expectations for high quality delivery of our products are fully understood. By supporting centres from day 1, we can ensure their immediate and future service requirements are anticipated, met and supported by our excellent resources and services. This in in turn enables them to deliver a 1st class educational experience to their learners.”

Customer Experience Change Manager, Daniel Hoyland added:

“Acting on feedback from our customers is a vital part of our commitment to customer excellence, the work that the Customer Experience group is doing to make customer-focused changes will ultimately help us to achieve this.”

Throughout the week, we’ll be looking at different ways in which NCFE champions excellent customer service and we’ll be meeting members of our Customer Service team to find out more about their roles at NCFE and how they make a difference to our customers.


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