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The Police Force: a Career Choice for Young People

In July 2019, before he became Prime Minister, Boris Johnson vowed to reverse police cuts that have plagued Britain over recent years. And since becoming Prime Minister, it seems he’s true to his word, with the launch of a national campaign to recruit 20,000 more officers by 2020.

The campaign, which launched in early September, is the biggest police recruitment drive in decades, and highlights the government’s commitment to increasing police numbers over the next 3 years. Consider this, alongside a young generation who is increasingly socially aware, and it’s not hard to see why a career in the police force is a compelling choice for young people.

The younger generation want to make a difference, and although a career in the police force is challenging, it can be hugely rewarding, as it’s a way to contribute to safeguarding communities and preventing crime.

To enter the police force applicants need a qualification that’s equivalent to A Level, and in a major change to the recruitment process from 2020, recruits will need at least a degree-level qualification by the time they complete their probation period.

NCFE’s new policing qualification

In line with the government’s new focus and national campaign to increase police numbers, NCFE is excited to be launching a number of level 3 policing qualifications to support the next generation to enter the work force and help make our streets safer.

The qualification will set learners up for a fulfilling career that will make a difference across the country.

Policing qualification factsheet

Want to find out more about NCFE’s new policing qualification and how it could be a great asset to your current curriculum?

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